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October 14, 2020

Then, I pulled down the database tab, and miraculously – the databases in my mac server appeared! You can also re-run the query by right-clicking on your results and selecting Refresh Data: There are two ways to install an extension: If there is no error in our query, we should see the records that will be imported into the spreadsheet:. My problem was I couldn’t connect my PC to my new online server using ODBC server was a mac mini running mavericks, trying to connect from a windows machine in my office via mysql odic connector. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. After we have drawn the links between the tables, the next step is to specify the fields from each table that we want to appear in our results.

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Now go to Terminal and use the following command to navigate ovbc the folder we copied. For our report, we will select the following tables one at a time and press the “Add Table” for each one: This kind of is just a tremendously nicely structured post, just the tips I was hunting to find.

Open up the script you downloaded and enter each line individually into Terminal rather than running the script. Mark the entry and configure it. There are two ways to install an extension: We add a field to our results by odb the field name within the table:.


After you enter your database’s user ID and password if neededyou will see the main window for Microsoft Query.

Anyone able to get odbc working with mamp on mavericks? : PHP

I made the following change Inserted a comment mam the change. Last msmp to do for a ODBC connection is to configure your new connection. Excel will then prompt us for the location to place the results: We can change this pretty easily again, adjust the path if necessary to that it points to your version of PHP: This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Download the script from GitHubthen unzip it and move it into your home folder.

the bind address was just commented out. 9-5-14

Restart the MAMP servers and away you go! And now we tell pear and pecl where our php.

Connecting to your sales database Let’s suppose you want to see how many products you orbc selling, according to category and country. Sign up using Facebook. Also just download and click through the installer.

I kept scrolling through the file. Copy the folder we unzipped into here and rename it php.


Connecting to MySQL for MAMP Installations

Incredible blog post bro. First step is to install the latest ODBC drivers. When we drag a line between one table to the related table, MS Query will display a dialog like this: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

I took that and turned it into a shell script that you can run with terminal. Just commented out the next line. I also made the next change, and then saved the. Open it in Finder and then create a new folder inside called include. I love to travel around the world, good food and building fancy stuff with web- technologies.

I had to do this on one of my machines to get things working.

Then, I pulled down the database tab, and miraculously – the databases in my mac osbc appeared! Sign up using Email and Password. My name is Sebastian. We need to link the tables together by drawing a line between the related tables this is known as a “join”. Please contact us if you have any problems using the tables in your database.