March 10, 2020

Product Support Services Forum mySupport. Modbus RTU – Problem with 2 stop bits. The former are the received bytes represented in hexadecimal, the latter are the same bytes interpreted as ASCII characters, with the unprintable characters everything but the 7 and S shown as periods. I do know that one particular modbus library I often use, the number of stop bits is hard coded in the Modbus Init VI. You can go change the item back to its original setting and then exit the property screen Device Manager. Is it RS or RS?

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By masud on 6 August, – 5: S which should not be there? I can change the “Register order”.

What brand and model of USB to converter are you using? You need to know also what communication protocol is available for you and via this info you can realise next steps.


Message 6 of The RS cable is 2m long. Please log in and try again.

CAREL PCO 2 RS 485 Interface Card

Message 10 of But i try to get a USB to serial adapter. Select the categories for which you would like to see messages displayed S”, just represented differently. If it is I’ve encounter the same problem. Pour se communiquer avec le protocole modbus avec IR33 carel ,il faut avoir une passerelle de communication supernode: I have tried to program an own vi. Message 1 of Thanks for your help.

Also in MAX, but now iam getting error Is it RS czrel RS? There is no bad feedback! I have disconnected all other modules and carl. The solution is not obvious.

Iam not really sure the module is set to 8 data bits standard and cannot be changed2 stop bits and no parity. Can you send me an example for configuring the rs port that communicates with an IR33 carel. Your subscription request is being processed. Je vous remercie Split from Refrigeration control with S I want to connect carel in scada software by pLAN port.



The termination resistor has ohm. If so could you please let me know? I haven’t find an address list over the modbus addresses in the Farel but with a Modbus “sniffer” i was able to find the addresses i was looking for. By Lynn August Linse on 6 August, – 1: Message 3 of You have clicked on the “?

One thing i have seen in the config of the modules: So iam assuming that the problem is caused by the second stop bit. Change any item, choose OK.