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March 10, 2020

As you said that you were not able to deploy reports, were you getting the same error or new error? Tom Seidel 9, 1 22 Comments Donald Nong commented Nov 09 ’15, 6: Can you please show the current content of the following file? Comments Donald Nong commented Sep 25 ’15, 6:

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How to deploy a report created using a JDBC data source?

I deployed it in the RTC. Look under the birt-runtime- directory and locate the “WebViewerExample” directory.

Click on the following link to download the example report design, SalesInvoice. I checked the externalLibs directory, and there I have mysql-connector. Donald Nong commented Nov 05 ’15, 2: Or you may see jdgc turned to com.

I followed steps mentioned in the below link still, http: Don’t forget to open a port from the server side you are using. That’s been quite a long while. There are listed the drivers found in the drivers directory. Post as a guest Name.


Cannot open the connection for the driver: – Stack Overflow

More information about this change is available in the BIRT 3. Comments Donald Nong commented Aug 11 ’15, Look under the birt-runtime- directory and locate the “Web Viewer Example” directory.

You will find an Manage Drivers button in the birg of the window. Donald Nong Thank you so much for the support and info. If you’ve installed everything in its default location, then click on the following link. Sign up using Email and Password.

Click on the link labeled “View Example” to confirm that your installation is working properly. The error is “java. It’s hard vieder say what’s wrong from the error message – too many things may have gone wrong. If you don’t have Tomcat installed on your system you can download it from http: Driver jar name I am adding is: Last time I checked, the udbc in the technote are correct and no extra steps are required.


The same concepts, perhaps with different details, apply to other app servers. Copy the “WebViewerExample” directory to your JBoss installation, under the deploy directory for your configuration.

For ease of reference, rename the directory to “birt-viewer”. Have you since switched to 6. Please see the following message for details: I tried it in both CLM bbirt. Sign up using Facebook.

Unable to load JDBC driver for BIRT report

A page confirming that the BIRT viewer has been installed should be displayed. Unzip the file in a staging area. Donald Nong When I add driver, add I modify plugin.

I hope that will not be problem.