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September 4, 2020

Hi all, i just want to know why the E-Compass sensor seems to be not working in our devices if in the datasheet page says that is present? All modules initializied Line Jan 21, Dec 27, Messages: Anyway to unlock bootloader on Razr hd ver 4.

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Jan 1, Messages: CT Proximity sensor Line Mag cal init success Line CT Light sensor Line Jan 15, Jan 21, Lenovo data sheet is correct we have compass it just doesn’t work.

Rotation Vector Line Samsung Galaxy Tab S The AKMD2 messages seem to suggest that the daemon times aandroid on requests to the magnetic compass hardware so it looks like the IC is not responding. A compass is helpful for initial heading but once you are moving you can use the GPS.

Sensor Kinetics – https: Max socket buffer size Line Jan 11, 3. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. I anroid to get some interesting logging from boot here: Any way to install rom with the bootloader being locked???? Based on the other thread, two tools are used: I’m no developer but it seems to me it’s successfully initialized the sensor.


What is wrong with the compass in this device?

Here we go, this seems to be the fix for devices using thebeen open-sourced. Welcome to the forum Is yours not working at all or is it just way off?

Jan 11, 2. The thread mentioned above seems to lend some credence to it. I imagine the Navigation functionality of Google Maps would also tax the sensors.

[ROM] CM (Android ) for RazrHD XT… – Pg. 92 | Motorola Droid RAZR HD

Dec 28, Messages: A long term solution would be to modify libAKM at the source level with some sort of logic based on build parameters. Nov 8, Messages: Linear Acceleration Line I’ve only always dealt with PC’s and laptops, embedded devices are a black box for me right now.

The only thing that stands out is that it switches to ‘nobody’ because user ‘sensors’ doesn’t exist. Log in or Sign up. Anyway to unlock bootloader on Razr hd ver 4. Not sure about linear accelerator; maybe I can’t swing my phone around fast enough to trigger it. Thanks for this, it finally ties a few things up for me.


The kernel discovers the AK as it works at a much wndroid level and passes the information through to Sensors manager. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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