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January 13, 2021

Did this a bunch of times maybe one too many times? Do you get to this step? Can You prove this? Please answer post 6. In many cases, older electronics i. Has anyone encountered this?

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Rockwell / Allen-Bradley 1784-PCMK/A / 1784-PCMK/B Communication Card

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Looking for a disabled device requires that it shows up in the device manager.

After that I would insert it into the slot and my computer would just crash completely, As in, Shut down all together with no blue screen or anything.

It cannot be good. I am looking at purchasing one and was going to post a message but I see someone already did.

If I take out the PCMK card after it has been inserted for a longer time, it is so hot that I have to hold it by the edges. I was on the phone almost daily with Rockwell at the main and local offices for various reasons.

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The Allen Bradley card did appear with a question mark when i first started trying to correct this, because it was working before. That is a ridiculous thing to say.

I need some help!! I used a flash card adapter. It was a crapshoot whether it would work at all or not with just about every notebook that came out.


I did see it listed it in my System Devices as “Can Not Start” And of course my pcmcia slot lists as fine no conflicts. We use our PCMK cards quite a lot, in our plant. The thing is with the PC’s, is that if you specified something at one point, and then accepted changes that would render the card unusable, you will see that the card is still existing on the PC with no conflicts, but WILL NOT WORK or be recognized again until you get rid of the drivers that it is using currently or absence of drivers.

PLC Hardware – PLCH Validation

However the pcmk card will not start, as if there is nothing in the pcmcia slot at all, and the card gets recognized immediatly on another lap top. And also contact Rockwell and lodge a complaint, not that they will listen to much.

I have been connecting via a null modem cable and using the aic net driver in linx. The newer designs just cannot support the power hungry nature of the PCMK. If that is the problem, get ready to jump through hoops and call Dell.

This is not the driver per se. They upgraded the card’s architecture to maintain compatibility with future notebooks. When i put the card in the pcmcia slot, there isn’t a found new hard ware message. One slot just quit working one day. I’ve got kind of a funny story about PCMKs. Post your Tel-Number and maybe I can help. Good tip on that “show hidden devices” operaghost: Until the orognal poster tells us if other cards work in this slot, we don’t know what the problem is.


In the late 90s, notebooks were coming out that didn’t support the 8-bit cards.

Rockwell Automation

What I will say is this, the instance is higher because so many people have bought Dell, so there are more out there, hence the higher than usual failure rate it would seem. Got a new card and threw the old one away. Do a search on the C: So I get an angry call from a customer one day. When you insert the PCMK card the 1st time, the “found new hardware” dialog should start, and it should end with “New hardware succesfully installed”.

We seem to no longer have boxes labelled “Series A” anymore and now have “Series B”. Several people state that their PCMK card fried their motherboards, so I beleieve that it can happen.